GoPro releases a flashlight for some reason

Today GoPro entered the cutthroat business of personal lighting. This is the GoPro Zeus Mini; it looks like a rad little light, though it’s a curious product from an action camera company.

The waterproof Zeus Mini costs $69.99 and ships with a magnetic spring clip. GoPro says the light is also compatible with all of GoPro’s mounts. The versatile mounts could be the best thing about the Zeus Mini. This light makes sense for those invested in GoPro’s ecosystem. Already have a GoPro mount on a bike? Now it can be used for a camera or a light.

The lighting market is increasingly competitive. Subreddits and forums and fan sites have popped up over the last few years, where people obsess about the latest products from such brands as Fenix, Nitecore, Sofirn and Olight. Spec for spec, the Zeus Mini looks up to par with the best from these companies for a novice like me.

The Zeus has four brightness levels, which can result in an output of up to 200 lumens. Flashlight nerds will be quick to point out that 200 lumens is good, but not great, and it’s the range and spread of the light that’s important.

Since it’s a GoPro product, it’s waterproof, compact and seemingly durable, though I’ve yet to see one in person.

GoPro’s stock is climbing and flirting with hitting its highest level in 2020. As of writing, the stock is trading at $4.14 a share, up nearly 3% on the day. The company is recovering from the COVID-19 crash, though the stock price is still almost half that of its 52-week high of $7.33.

GoPro is following other companies that offer similar lights for use in GoPro’s mounts. These lights are widely available across online retailers. Some provide higher output, while others are much less expensive.

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