SONOFF MINIR2 – Two Way Smart Switch

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【Two-Way Control】Use MINIR2 to retrofit a light and hide it in the switch box, without any traces, you will get a smart light and the physical switch controlling is still retained.
【Open Device REST API】Connect and control the MINIR2 with your existing home automation system like Home Assistant via LAN.
【Fully Functional】MINI2 has all the most basic functions, like remote APP control, LAN control, timing schedule, share control, etc. Your best choice for the DIY switch.
【Smart Scenes】Trigger other smart devices, and make actions auto-on/-off. The appliances understand you, and your life becomes simpler.
【Voice Control】Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and Alice. Just speak out your command, the smart device can do on/off as you say.

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SONOFF MINIR2 Two Way Mini Wifi Smart Home Switch 

MINIR2, as a reinforced MINI two-way DIY smart switch, has been redesigned to lift safety and performance to the optimal level. The old version of MINI has an external antenna with strong electricity, but the MINIR2’s antenna is hidden totally in the interior which ensures you peace of mind to use it to control your devices. Additionally, the interfaces S1 and S2 are colored to gray which is distinguished from other input and output interfaces in order to further remind you not to connect the strong current to both of the interfaces. 2KV surge testing meets the 1KV surge testing standard that CE certification requires.

The small and compact smart switch is used for different kinds of switch boxes. Convenient to automate your home appliances on the eWeLink app with your smartphone or your voice command. Support 3 triggering modes pulse mode (works with push button switches), edge mode (Works with SPDT switches), and following mode (Works with switches with “ON” and “OFF” mark and sensors with dry contact output).

It supports the DIY mode (designed for developers) which allows users to integrate MINIR2 into a worldwide third-party open-source smart home control system to achieve LAN control without cloud service, such as Home Assistant, openHAB, ioBroker .etc. For the protocol document and the code for the DIY Mode tool (updating), please go to

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